Thomas Maupin performs with Jackie Case and Daniel and Danny Rothwell
Dallas Newberry seated at his shaving horse
Robert Montgomery entertains at the wedding of Bobby and Teresa Fulcher
Tennessee walking horse wire sculptures by Vannoy Streeter
Jean Horner carves the scroll of a violin neck
Fairfield Four gospel quartet performs onstage
Mary Doughtery Helms weaving on a large floor loom
Figures in farm scene carved from peach seeds by Roger Smith

Tennessee Arts Commission Folklife Photograph Collection

The Tennessee Arts Commission established its Folk Arts Program in October 1984, the name of which was changed to the Folklife Program in 2000. From the beginning, program director Dr. Robert Cogswell took photographs of artists, sites, and events related to program activities, mainly using black-and-white negative and color slide films. The program also regularly copied images and acquired prints, both historic and recent, from other sources, including some images by contracted photographers. In 2002, the program transitioned almost entirely from film to digital photography. The Photographs Series of the Tennessee Arts Commission Folk Arts Program Records at the Tennessee State Library and Archives consists of approximately 22,000 images (in the form of photographs, slides, negatives, and digital files) that document folkways and unique Tennessee styles, characters, and art. The images in this TeVA collection are a small sampling of this rich material.

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